Quickly, About PPHS

Pickled Peppers Hop Shop is a homebrew educational company comprised of Tyson Rearden and Tanner Niels. Both of who have made it their goal to inspire and teach 1 million people to brew GREAT beer quicker than ever before! If you haven't already, make sure to snag the free brewing guide and recipe to get started on your new favorite hobby!

Yes, this is just a quick brew guide offer... We just want everyone to learn how to brew great beer because there can't be enough amazing beer in the world. You agree? Here are a few people who have learned the art of brewing with this guide! 👇


"I wanted to brew because I enjoy learning about what I'm consuming. This was a hobby that my college friends and I never really got to try on our own. The PPHS guys made the experience accessible and comfortable."

— Anna
"It was a lot of fun and my daughter and I had a new hobby to do together! Cheers to PPHS for a really fun and tasty experience!"

— Brittany & Michelle 
"The instructions were straightforward to follow, especially for my first time brewing. I really love the kit, and the easy step by step detail on brewing made my process super enjoyable."

— Albert
Pickled Peppers Hop Shop